Stand Up Stay Strong | About Us
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About us


I’m Samuel Carvalho and The Stand Up Stay Strong project was an idea of mine in September 2012 after years and years of battling anorexia, bulimia and all the horrible problems that come with depression. I finally felt ok and good about myself in Spring 2012 and the idea came to me later that Summer. I jotted my ideas down on a notebook, mades notes and read guidelines online on running a support website. Shortly after I did all my research I created the website. My partner Ashleigh Bainbridge is also a director and helps with the running of our organisation.


Stand Up Stay Strong is a free and easy 1-2-1 support site. It provides you with the option to unload your problems without having to disclose who you are, your age or even your email. These factors apply all the time but it is your choice whether you want to disclose any information. Everything is confidential and privacy always respected but if we feel that somebody is at risk, the local authorities may be notified.


You may find it odd that we don’t require an email but it isn’t! We have lots of people who just want to write and write and get it all out of their heads. People send us submissions of all their problems or things bothering them but don’t want a reply. They just want to unload. We welcome anybody who wishes to do that. I personally benefited from this when I was suffering, as well as similar advice from my psychiatrist at the time who advised me to write down all my issues and negative thoughts in my head and put them in a box and bury it at the end of my garden. Believe it or not it helps some people, I can vouch for these methods and hence why I encourage them with us.


If you want to know more about me, visitĀ out ourĀ media page for articles in the news about this website and myself.